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Watch For These Signs Of Pink Eye In Your Dog

When a human develops pink eye, one of the first indications that something is wrong is often a degree of discomfort in their eye. Like humans, dogs can also deal with this eye condition — but you'll need to watch for the signs that your pet could be suffering from this type of inflammation. Fortunately, there are several signs of this condition, which should help an attentive dog owner to notice it promptly and schedule a visit at the local animal clinic. Here are some signs that suggest your dog has pink eye.

Frequent Pawing

One of your first indicators that something might be wrong with one of your dog's eyes is that the pet is pawing at this part of its body more than usual. While dogs will occasionally paw at their eyes to relieve itches, it should be easy to notice if your dog is spending more time than usual focusing on this part of its body. For example, the dog may lie on its bed and paw repeatedly at the same eye over and over again. This is a behavior that warrants further investigation on your part.

Eye Discharge

Take a look at the immediate base of your dog's eye and the fur below the eye. If the dog is suffering from pink eye, there's a good chance that there will be some discharge in this area. Eye discharge varies in color and is particularly easy to spot on dogs that have light-colored fur. Brownish-yellow residue in the fur, for example, will stand out easily. Even if your dog has dark fur, a close inspection of this area may reveal the presence of discharge — offering another clue that your pet could have pink eye and requires veterinary care.

Pink Hue

As its name suggests, pink eye is a condition that turns the eye pink. This isn't always easy to immediately notice in many dogs, as the animal's sclera — the term that describes the white part of the eye — isn't always visible. If you want to confirm the likely presence of pink eye, gently opening the dog's eyelid will reveal the sclera. The discoloration of this part of the eye, which can range from light pink to deep pink, is a strong indicator of pink eye. Once you believe that pink eye is present, contact the local animal clinic to describe what you've noticed and set an appointment. The veterinarian will use medication to clear up the pink eye.

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