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Time To Prepare For Summer: 4 Ways To Protect Your Dog From The Heat

With the hottest days of the summer still ahead, it's time to start devising new ways to keep your dog cool. Even a normal romp around the back yard can leave your dog feeling the effects of the hot temperatures. Spending the entire day outside unprotected – or even just a few hours – can spell disaster for your pet.  Don't worry though. The tips provided here will help you keep your dog cool and comfortable this summer.

Switch Your Exercise Routine

If you're used to heading out in the middle of the afternoon for a bit of exercise with your dog, it's time to switch up your routine. That afternoon exercise can cause serious problems for your dog. To prevent heat stroke, start taking your dog out for exercise in the early morning, or evening once the temperatures cool down. If you must take your dog out in the middle of the afternoon, try to limit the time you spend outside to just a few minutes.

Put on Its Walking Shoes

You might not realize how hot the ground is, since you're wearing shoes. Unfortunately, the hot ground can really burn your dog's feet, whether it's sand, dirt, or concrete. Once the pads of your dog's feet have been burned, they can blister up, which can lead to infections. Those blisters can also make the pain too difficult for your dog to walk. Protect your dog's delicate feet by making sure it has its summer shoes on each time you head outside. Your dog may have a tough time getting used to its new shoes, so start practicing with them before the temperatures get too hot.

Let Your Dog Take the Lead

Believe it or not, your dog will know when it's too hot for it to venture outside – or when it's had enough of the sun. This summer, let your dog take the lead. Before you head out for a walk, or other activity, let your dog go outside for a minute or two. If it heads back in immediately, take that as a cue that it's too hot to take it outside. If you're outside, and your dog starts lunging towards shady spots, or slows down considerable, it's time for a break.

Know the Signs of Dehydration

If you're going to be heading out into the summer sun with your dog, it's important for you to know the signs of dehydration, and sun sickness. If your dog starts drooling excessively, becomes lethargic, or weak, get your dog to a cool spot and give it some fresh water as soon as possible. If your dog begins vomiting, you'll need to seek veterinary  care immediately.