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Possible Treatment Options For A Dog With Urinary Incontinence

When you have a puppy, you spend a lot of time and effort teaching it not to urinate inside the home. While this work can be challenging for a period of time, it's rewarding to eventually get to a state in which the dog sits by the door when it wishes to go outside to relieve itself. Even if you've house-trained your dog, it's possible that you could begin to see puddles of urine on your floor over time. This doesn't mean that the dog has forgotten its training. Instead, it may be suffering from urinary incontinence. There are many things that can cause a dog to become incontinent, and it's good to visit a veterinarian for help. They might recommend these treatment options for this issue.


A lot of veterinarians will use medication as the first course of action for treating a dog's issues with incontinence. There are various medications available that can help in this way. For example, certain medications will strengthen the muscles around the dog's urethra. When they become weak, your dog can often have trouble holding its urine in. As these muscles become stronger due to the medication, there's less of a risk of your dog continuing to have accidents in the home. Your vet will provide specific dosage instructions and teach you how to administer this medication.


If your dog is not seeing favorable results with medication, your veterinarian may recommend surgery as a solution to the incontinence. Surgery to correct urinary incontinence is not overly invasive, which will reduce the recovery time for your pet. There are various surgeries that can be effective, with each based on the specific anatomical reason for your dog's struggles. Your vet will explain one or more of these procedures and discuss the likelihood of success based on your dog's condition.


Diapers can also be an option for a dog with urinary incontinence. Some dogs with this issue are very old, and surgery isn't always advisable for pets that are old or have other health complications. Your vet will introduce you to canine diapers, which come in a variety of sizes and are easy to put on and take off. When your dog has an accident in the home, the diaper will hold the liquid — just as it does for an infant. This will result in a lack of messes that you have to clean up. See your local veterinarian if your dog is showing signs of urinary incontinence.