Three Signs That Your Dog Has Consumed A Foreign Body

One common threat that a lot of pet dogs face is swallowing something that becomes lodged in their digestive system. Veterinary professionals refer to this situation as the animal having a "foreign body" inside, and it's a serious concern. If your dog has a foreign body in its digestive tract, there's a chance that the animal could not survive without prompt veterinary care. You should be aware of the warning signs that a foreign body could be inside of your dog.

Annual Veterinary Services For Your Pets

When you own a pet, there are several responsibilities you may not consider. Pets are much like children when it comes to health and wellness. There are certain things they need on an annual basis and several on a routine basis. If you are trying to figure out what visits need to be scheduled and what options you may need on your pet insurance, here are some of the annual veterinary hospital services you should consider.