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Three Signs That Your Dog Has Consumed A Foreign Body

One common threat that a lot of pet dogs face is swallowing something that becomes lodged in their digestive system. Veterinary professionals refer to this situation as the animal having a "foreign body" inside, and it's a serious concern. If your dog has a foreign body in its digestive tract, there's a chance that the animal could not survive without prompt veterinary care. You should be aware of the warning signs that a foreign body could be inside of your dog. Here are some indicators that can suggest your pet is facing this serious scenario.

Something Is Missing

One of the simplest ways to deduce that your pet might have swallowed something that it cannot properly digest is that something notable is missing from your home. For example, you may have noticed that your kids have left a small toy on the floor. A short time later, you might see that the toy is missing and that the dog is sitting in the vicinity. If you question your children and learn that they didn't move the toy, this might suggest that your dog has swallowed it and thus could be in serious need of the care of a veterinarian.

The Dog Is Vomiting

Several different health issues can cause a dog to throw up, but vomiting is a common indicator that the animal may have a foreign body in its digestive tract. If your pet has vomited, take note of what is in the vomit. If there isn't much of note, and the pet continues to throw up or attempts to throw up, it could be dealing with a foreign body. You'll want to contact your veterinary clinic to explain the situation and make a plan to visit.

The Dog Won't Eat

Most healthy dogs have a hearty appetite, and you should be aware of how much your pet enjoys mealtime. If you prepare the dog's food and it doesn't show any interest, this is often an indicator that the animal is in some type of digestive system distress—perhaps as a result of the presence of a foreign body. If you offer your pet its favorite treat and it's disinterested, this can be another indicator of a serious problem. Contact the veterinary clinic in your community to explain what you've noticed and what you suspect could be the issue. In all likelihood, you'll be able to visit to have a veterinarian assess your pet promptly.

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