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Learn Ways For Calming Your Very Active Dog Down

Most everybody expects for the new puppy they bring hoe to be a little ball of energy. However, you would expect that the puppy would eventually slow down and become a more relaxed full grown dog. Instead, you may find that you now have this enormous full grown puppy that is taking over your home with its hyperactivity. A big active dog can be a lot to handle and in fact, this is unfortunately one of the reasons there are so many dogs in the shelters. This article will educate you on some of the many things you can do that will help you end up with a much calmer and relaxed pooch.

Let your dog outside to play often

If you don't have a fence up around your property and you are able to have one installed, you should consider doing so. It will allow you to simply open the door and let the dog out to do their business and it will give them a nice space to run and play. If you can't put up a fence for any reason, such as renting your home, being in an apartment, not having the finances to do so or any other reason then you may want to see if you have a nearby neighbor who would let you run your dog in their yard a couple times a day as long as you clean up after them.

Take your dog for walks

Even if you do let your dog out in the yard, taking them on walks every day will also help to burn off excess energy because it also gets their minds going while they are looking, smelling and listening to all the stimuli going on around them during the walk. Depending on the speed you can walk, the speed your dog can walk and other factors, you may even be able to ride a bike around the block while your dog happily runs next to you.

Teach your dog proper obedience

You can take your dog to obedience school where they will be taught important behaviors such as walking correctly by your side on a leash, sitting while politely waiting to eat, listening to your commands and more. You can use their good obedience to your benefit in your home by commanding them to lay down and stay when they are acting up.

Get your dog fixed

A lot of dogs naturally calm down once they are fixed, so this is another thing you can do to try slowing your active dog down a bit more. Plus, once they are fixed you won't have to worry about having a bunch of little ones running around with ten times the energy.

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