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Own A Flat-Faced Dog? 4 Tips To Cool It Down In The Heat

If you own a flat-faced dog, such as a Boston Terrier, or Pug, you might not realize how dangerous the heat can be. All dogs face risks if they're left in the heat for too long. However, flat-faced breeds can become very ill, very quickly when left in the heat. In fact, heat-related illnesses can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and organ failure. If your dog has been exposed to the heat for too long, as is looking weak, you'll need to take quick action. Here are four steps you should take to help your dog cool down.

Get It to a Cool Location

If your dog is suffering from heat exposure, you need to get it to a cool location as soon as possible. If you're at home, bring your dog in and let it rest in the coolest room. If you're out and about, find a pet-friendly business and spend a few minutes inside. Once your dog cools down a bit, get it home so it can rest. It's important that your dog rest until its core temperature cools down.

Give It Small Amounts of Water

If your dog is acting lethargic, or has begun panting uncontrollably, offer it some cool water to drink. Don't place a large quantity in front of it, because too much water could cause it to vomit, which will dehydrate your dog even more. Instead, offer small amounts at a time until your dog begins to cool down.

Apply Cool Towels to Its Body

Once you've gotten your dog to a cool location, and offered it fresh water, you'll need to take another step to bring down its core temperature. First, soak a couple of towels in cool water, and place them over your dog. Leave the towels in place until they start to warm up. Dip the towels back in the cool water, and repeat the process. Continue this for about 30 minutes.

Take it for a Dip

If your dog doesn't want to lay still for the cool towels, take it for a dip. Fill a tub with cool water and allow it to soak for at least 15 minutes. You can also turn the sprinklers on and let your dog lounge outside by the water.

Boston Terriers, and other flat-faced breeds are susceptible to heat-related illnesses. If your flat-faced dog has gotten too much sun, use the tips provided here or pop over to this web-site to get it cooled down fast. If your dog acts lethargic, or has difficulty breathing, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.