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Pet Boarding 101: Three Helpful Preparation Tips For Every Dog Owner

Traveling with a pet is not always possible. While a dog might be man's best friend, it's often expensive (or impossible) to take them with you on trips. Luckily, that's where pet boarding facilities come in. Designed to care for your dog while you're away, these facilities ensure that your dog remains happy and healthy until you return.

If you have never used a pet boarding facility, you might worry about how your dog will react. Luckily, you can ease the transition by following these helpful tips:

1. Pack Familiar Items

It's natural for your pet to feel a little scared or anxious in a new place. However, you can help ease those feelings by ensuring your dog has some familiar items. Favorite toys, a worn t-shirt, or blankets all smell like home. By having those items with your dog, your pooch will naturally feel less anxious or scared. So be sure you pack a few items you know your furry friend loves.

2. Visit The Veterinarian

Another helpful tip is to visit the veterinarian before you depart for your trip. The veterinarian can ensure that your canine friend is up-to-date on all his/her shots. The vet can also give your pet a flea treatment, which is usually required by most boarding facilities.

Depending on how your pet reacts to you leaving, your vet may also be able to offer some tips to help your pet stay calm. Medications, special sweaters, or even calming treats can all help your pet stay calm while you're away. So if you think your dog might need them, ask your vet for recommendations or prescriptions.

3. Visit Beforehand

Finally, it can be very beneficial to visit the boarding facility with your four-legged friend before you leave. By taking your pet to the boarding facility first, it won't feel so foreign. It will also give your dog a chance to look and smell around, which can make the transition easier. Finally, it will let your pup meet the staff.

You can do a quick walk through with your pet. However, taking your dog to a couple of daycare sessions before you leave is usually best. At these sessions, your pooch will become more familiar with the facility, the staff, and even other pets. All of this can help ease feelings of anxiety. So it's definitely worth considering if you have the time.

While it is never fun to leave your furry sidekick, it is sometimes necessary. Luckily, pet boarding facilities can care for your canine friend while you're away. To ensure a good experience and ease anxious feelings, consider using these three tips before you leave. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like