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Three Tips For Spaying And Neutering A Teacup Dog

Getting your dogs spayed and neutered can make your animal healthier and aid them in living a longer life. It is also responsible to make sure that your dogs cannot produce more puppies that you do not intend on. If you have a teacup dog, your pet is likely to be much smaller than the average puppy. Many teacup breeds tend to be only a few pounds and easy to hold with just one hand. If you do have a teacup dog, you may be concerned about the possibility of getting them neutered or spayed. Here are a few tips for keeping your teacup dog healthy during the fixing process:

Wait until they have grown enough

Though a teacup puppy is likely to remain under ten pounds, it is a good idea to wait until they are well into their puppyhood before getting them fixed. Speak to your vet to determine just how much your puppy is likely to grow. Allowing your puppy to grow in weight can lessen the effects of any anesthetic. This will help you and your veterinarian determine the point when your puppy should get neutered. 

Ask for low anesthesia

If you must get your female puppy spayed, she must go under anesthesia. For a puppy with low weight, going under anesthesia can be a worrying event. Let your vet know that you want to be careful and provide your dog with as little anesthesia as necessary. After your puppy comes home, be sure to watch her to make sure she does not show any signs of illness. After anesthesia, your puppy may be tired and walk painfully. If your puppy shows signs of being ill, take her back to the vet immediately for a checkup. 

Get the prescribed pain medication and easy-to-chew food

Your puppy is likely to be in pain for a day or two after they are spayed or neutered. In order to keep them is the lowest amount of pain possible, you should get pain medication for your pet. Instead of forcing them to swallow the pills whole, you can chop up the pills and place them inside of your pet's wet food. Wet, easy-to-chew food is best for your pet after they are spayed and neutered, as it takes away the need to forcefully chew. Wet food can also be a tasty treat during the time that they are healing. 

Contact a vet office like Caring Hands Animal Hospital for more information and assistance.