Aging Pets Need Special Care

What You Can Do For Your Arthritic Dog

As your dog ages, it can develop health conditions just as people can. One of the conditions many dogs develop as they age is arthritis. Some breeds are more prone to developing arthritis, but any dog can get it. There are certain things you want to do to help your dog get along once they start suffering from arthritis, and this article can educate you on some of them.

Help them have shorter distances to walk

If your dog has to walk a great distance everytime they need to go outside to relieve themselves, you should consider making some changes in your home to cut down on some of that distance. If their bed is far from the door they need to go out, then you may want to move it closer to the door. This will be especially helpful when they first wake up and have to relieve themselves badly but may still be extra stiff from just sleeping.

Give them a comfortable bed to sleep in

If your dog usually sleeps on a rug, then you may want to switch to a padded bed for them as they start to show signs of arthritis. Once they start showing signs, sleeping on a hard rug can make matters worse, and a padded bed will be a lot easier on their bones.

Put dog stairs next to your bed

If your dog spends a lot of time in your bed and, up until this point, they have been jumping onto and off from your bed, you should put some dog stairs next to the bed. They can use the stairs to get up and down from the bed without putting extra stress on their legs from jumping and climbing.

Take them to the vet for medication

You should have your dog examined by their veterinarian. There may be some medication they can put your dog on that can help them to feel a lot better. You may need to try them on a few different types of medications before you find the right one.

Get your dog alternative pet therapy

You can also see how your dog responds to alternative pet therapy when it comes to getting relief from their arthritis. There are different types of alternative pet therapies, including acupuncture, acupressure, massage, and other types of therapy. Again, you may need to try more than one type of therapy before finding the one that proves to be the best for your dog. There are many different options that could be helpful to your pet, so talk with an alternative therapy specialist or click for more info.