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How To Vaccinate Yor Dog At Home

Vaccinating your dog is essential for the health of your pet. Dog vaccinations can be done at home, once you have purchased the vaccine. However, you may be a bit nervous about administering the vaccine, especially if it requires the use of a syringe. Here are some tips you can use to ensure that you vaccinate your dog in the correct manner:

Most vaccines will come in two small bottles. The first bottle contains the liquid portion of the vaccine and the second bottle will contain the powdered portion of the vaccine. You must mix these two together to make a complete vaccine.

Preparing the Vaccine

  1. Secure the needle on the syringe, making sure that it is as tight as possible. Insert the syringe's needle into the bottle that contains the liquid portion of the vaccine. Pull out the vaccine by pulling the syringe's plunger backward.
  2. Inject the liquid from the syringe into the bottle that contains the powdered vaccine. Shake the bottle well to ensure that the liquid and the powder are thoroughly combined.
  3. Withdraw the new mixture with the syringe.

Administering the Vaccine

When administering the vaccine, it is best to insert the needle under your dog's skin. The best place to find skin that is loose enough on your dog to administer a vaccine is the area just above the shoulder. Here you will find that you can lift the skin. Once you have lifted the skin, insert the needle and start pushing the syringe's plunger to administer the vaccine. If you see any blood in the syringe, you need to withdraw the needle and try to grab the flap again, since blood in the needle indicates that you have hit a blood vessel. Dispose of the needle once you are finished. Do not use it for another vaccination.

Another method of administering the vaccine is via the nostrils. The vaccine is mixed in the same manner as the vaccine that is injected under the skin. However, when it is time to administer the vaccine, the needle on the syringe is replaced with an adapter that is safe to insert in your dog's nostrils. Some manufacturers may provide a dropper instead of an adapter for the syringe. Normally, you will have to insert half a dose into each nostril.

Vaccinating your dog is one of the easiest ways to prevent your pet from contracting diseases that may endanger their health. Vaccinations are not difficult to administer yourself once you know how to do it. Contact a vet office like Columbine Animal Hospital & Emergency Clinic for more information and assistance.